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We're more than just carpet cleaners. National Dusters recognizes that your cleaning needs go beyond your home. Whether you drive it, ride it, or sail it, your vehicles are constantly exposed to soiling from dirt, spills, and even your family pet.


Let's face it, a simple vacuuming of the interior is not sufficient enough to thoroughly remove the containments found in a car's carpets and upholstery. Don't let your vehicles interior go uncared for. Like the furniture in your home, excessive soiling can cause premature wear and tear not to mention lower the resale value significantly. National Dusters uses the same truck mounted cleaning system and proven cleaning solutions we use in your home to steam clean that deep down dirt that regular vacuuming and do-it-yourself shampoo systems just can’t handle.


Bad smell? No problem. Using ozone technology, National Dusters can also remove any unsettling odors such as cigarette smoke or mildew that may be presently trapped in your ventilation system or any other areas that may not be reached by conventional cleaning.


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