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When it comes to maintaining order in your home at all times, it is often necessary to hire professional house cleaners, especially if you have a busy schedule that prevents you from having the time to clean your home yourself. There are many benefits to hiring professional house cleaners, and it can be helpful to know some of these when determining whether to hire professional house cleaners.


You always have a clean home: When you hire professional house cleaners to clean your home, you can be sure you always have a clean home, which makes things much easier on you since you do not need to deal with the hassle of cleaning your home yourself.


Gives you time for other things: Hiring professional house cleaners gives you time to focus on other things in your busy schedule instead of worrying about cleaning your home all the time.


Perfect if you are unable to clean your home yourself: Hiring professional house cleaners is a perfect solution for you if you are unable to clean your home yourself and still want to maintain a clean home. Regardless of whether you work long hours that prevent you from being home to clean your house or if you simply want the convenience of leaving house cleaning to a professional, it can be useful to avoid worrying about keeping a clean home.


Signing a contract ensures regular visits: Many professional house cleaners offer you the option of signing a contract to ensure regular visits to your home. This allows you to have a clean home at all times.


Professional house cleaners provide experience: Professional house cleaners generally have years of experience in the cleaning field and can provide you with the best cleaning services possible as a result.


Professional house cleaners provide expertise: In addition to experience, house cleaners also have expertise and can provide you with an extremely high level of cleaning standards.


Industrial-grade equipment: Professionals use industrial-grade equipment that cleans your home thoroughly to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.


Customized cleaning plan for you: A professional cleaning company can develop a customized cleaning plan to meet your specific needs and preferences. This often involves coming to your home before cleaning it to determine exactly what you expect from the cleaning job.


Professionalism: Professional house cleaners offer a certain degree of professionalism that enables them to offer you the best services and equipment the cleaning industry has to offer.


Extensive training: Most house cleaning professionals undergo extensive training to make sure they can use cleaning equipment and chemicals properly and that they know which surfaces to use certain chemicals on.


Hiring professional house cleaners is an ideal solution for keeping your home clean at all times without the hassle of cleaning it yourself. There are many benefits to hiring professional house cleaners, and you should contact a professional cleaning service for more information about hiring one.


Meet Our House Cleaners

The days of a house cleaner with a mop, bucket and vacuum are over.  Today a professional is entrusted with the care of a home, its furnishings and the health of its occupants.  With the many new materials and surfaces being used in home décor, a professional house cleaner has a much broader range of knowledge than in the past as  many of these newer surfaces require specialized care.


In addition to caring for the home and its contents, a professional house cleaning technician helps care for health.  This includes hygienic cleaning, effective sanitizing of surfaces, use of appropriate cleaning agents, and procedures to prevent cross contamination. A thorough vacuuming with a high-efficiency filtration vacuum is an important contributor to improved indoor air quality.


An IICRC-certified House Cleaning Technician is trained to properly care for homes and health.

A consumer who uses a certified professional can confidently trust the cleaning and relax in a

clean and healthy home.


About the Class

The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) training and certification program is a comprehensive

overview of best practices in cleaning. This course is designed specifically for the HCT who

wants to meet the expectations of this more educated marketplace of homeowners. Those who complete this course and pass the certification examination will be certified professionals who understand the value and methodology of proper cleaning. The material presented in this course has been researched and peer reviewed; it presents the cleaning industry's best practices. HCT Certification classes must be taught by IICRC-approved instructors and through an IICRC-approved school, such as ISE – the Institute for Service Excellence. It is this third party validation through IICRC that ARCSI believes will make House Cleaning Technician certification a "must have" for those cleaning companies who want to be viewed as the industry's leading professionals in the future. ARCSI will utilize IICRC-approved schools and instructors to present the classes. The HCT course takes approximately 14 hours over the course of two (2) days to deliver. An opportunity to take the HCT Certification Examination immediately follows the conclusion of the instruction; an additional payment of $65 to IICRC/CleanTrust must be made at the time the technician attends to take the certification examination.


An Important Distinction: Certification versus Training

The HCT Certification validates an individual’s body of knowledge regarding the proper and safe removal of soil (cleaning), sanitizing, and disinfecting. These outcomes can be effectively accomplished through a variety of techniques, cleaning procedures, and solo/team cleaning models. The certification course makes no recommendations of procedures or products and will not interfere with your existing cleaning procedure or technician model, though it may inform revisions toward greater effectiveness, improved productivity, and even increased revenue.


The Development of a Professional Certification for House/Residential Cleaning

In 2007, at the urging of Past President David Kiser of Champagne Services, ARCSI began to explore the process of developing an industry-wide certification for the residential cleaning technician in conjunction with IICRC, the industry’s leading technical certification organization which also verifies certifications for the carpet cleaning industry, water damage and remediation, and others. In 2009, IICRC approved the House Cleaning Technician certification concept, for which the Institute for Service Excellence then developed the first curriculum and manual which was approved by IICRC.

Hi, my name is Veronica. I come from a small and beautiful family. I am a single mother to a beautiful daughter. I lived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for about 13 years. There I was manager of a cleaning company where I recruited, trained and overlooked employees.

In the year of 2012 I began to visit the Twin Cities on the weekends often. During that time I met the owners and staff of National Dusters. I had entertained the idea of moving to the Twin Cities but was always nervous. National Dusters knew of my experience, dedication and efforts in the cleaning business and decided to offer me a job if I decided to move to the cities. After long thought and consideration I decided to make the change by moving and accepting the job offer.


I was one of the first and a big part in the development of National Dusters and I have enjoyed it the whole way. I am now in charge of promotion, walk-throughs, and a field manager. I feel happy being a part of National Dusters with amazing clients and awesome co-workers.


When I am not working I enjoy being outdoors and going to lakes and parks. I love going out with friends, dancing, getting to know different people of different cultures and trying amazing different foods and restaurants.



Hi, my name is Laura Sanchez and I’m the Lead Housekeeping Trainer at National Dusters.  My job is to make sure all of our cleaners are trained to the same high standards so we can ensure your home is cleaned right every time. I’ve been with National Dusters for over 5 years now and really enjoy the work. There’s nothing like getting a compliment from a customer who recognizes when we get the job done right!


I take pride in what I do, and take my position seriously.  Being a single parent of a 4 year old daughter and a 10 year old son, I’m no stranger to the daunting task of maintaining a clean home.


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