Office Chair and Furniture Cleaning

Office Chair Cleaning


Why order new expensive office chairs when National Dusters

can restore your chairs so they are clean and fresh again with

our affordable office chair cleaning service. If you have one chair

or hundreds of them, National Dusters can provide you with

service that will make your office look and smell fresh. We

are a green cleaning company and we will only use eco-friendly

cleaners so you do not have worry about harsh chemicals being

used in your office. Our staff will know the best way to clean

and sanitize your office chairs and remove food residue, odors,

dust, and even allergens from the fabric.


We offer a full range of cleaning from stain removal, shampooing,

steaming, sanitizing, steam cleaning, to deodorizing your office

chairs and furniture.


Our expert chair cleaning  will leave your chairs free of stains, dust  and odors that National Dusters affordable service can save you money on expensive office chairs by cleaning them free of dust and stains, and help cutting down on the need to replace costly office chairs. Green Choice also only uses green cleaning methods which are eco-friendly to your office environment. We will not use any harsh chemicals during out cleaning. Our green steam and shampoo cleaning machines will remove dirt and stains without leaving toxic smells or chemical residues behind. We will make your chairs look like new again. If you want to more information about our services, call us at 612-Dusters (612-324-0678) and arrange for a free visit by a technician to your office who can give you a estimate.


Office Cubicle Cleaning


National Dusters specialize cubicle cleaning in the Twin Cities Metro area.


We will effectively remove all allergen particles from dust mites to viruses to bacteria from your partition dividers/fabric walls. Unless your cubicle areas are cleaned regularly, all these “characters of destruction” will continue to cause havoc on your office health while its floating in the air and being transferred among the employees.


Since most office companies do not have daily vacuuming of their cubicles areas included in their cleaning schedules, the contaminants continue to grow will worsen over time. By cleaning your office cubicles regularly you are improving your office’s air quality and productivity for employees while decreasing sickness and absence of work! Commercial Furniture Cleaning in Eagan, MN,