About Us

Heidi Ruiz

About our cleaning company

Tidy Tightwads, LLC is a professional cleaning and organizing business serving the Central Minnesota area since 2005. Based in Hutchinson, MN, Tidy Tightwads provides reliable, professional cleaning staff for your home and office needs. Over the years, has helped hundreds of households reduce stress and enjoy a clean home. In March 2022, the business was purchased by the current owner, Heidi Ruiz.

Our Team Values:

  • Cleaning and finding ways to maintain a cleaner home or office
  • Working without harsh chemicals whenever possible
  • Saving money
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling; ask about our Clutter Box!

What is "Clutter Box"

Anyone on our regular cleaning schedule receives a “Clutter Box”. The box remains at your home or office to fill with unwanted items between cleanings. When the Tidy Tightwads crew arrives each time, they will take the items in the Clutter Box and donate them for you to a local thrift store.

The service you provide in taking the giveaway stuff away is very helpful. It’s easy to let that kind of stuff pile up and never get around to getting out of the house. -S.F.

Clients have found this to be a valuable service that assists them with staying motivated to reduce clutter and find more space. It adds value too when we take one more errand off an already long list of “to-do’s”.

Not only do I value your thoughts and ideas for organizing, but your caring heart and ability to really hear people as well. Genuine care and compassion are really rare, and I appreciate all that you have shown me as I share with you. I love working with you. You help make my home such a happy place to be. -V.T.

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