Back-to-School Recurring Contract Special!

Big Savings for any customer who signs-up for recurring service BE SMART! Save $275 on Carpet & House Cleaning $125.00 Off Carpet Cleaning Service or Tile and Grout cleaningPlus $150.00  /  $50.00 Off each or your next 3 Recurring cleanings Not to be combined with any other National Dusters offers. New customers or contracts only. Expires…

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Succulents and indoor plants can filter toxins in the air in your home.

Plants That Clean the Air in Your Home

Plants can actually clean the air in your home, improving indoor air-quality, increasing oxygen levels, and absorbing airborne toxins released by treated carpets and upholstery.  Research done back in the 1980’s by NASA scientists and a national association of professional landscaping contractors determined conclusively that indoor plants improve air-quality. Researchers found that in addition to…

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Post Construction Cleaning Services Minnapolis

Post Construction Cleanup Services

Most people don’t think about the post-construction cleanup required just before a property is ready to be inhabited.  Naturally, you’ve been planning, dreaming and waiting for the big day when you can begin to move into your new home or newly-remodeled space. When that day finally arrives, you expect your property to be sparkling and…

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